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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Feb 29, 2024

COPPERHEART has returned.

On April 21, 2024, Copperheart will return with the pilot episode of our anthology series, "Shattered Echoes."

When we last left the survivors of GL51 and EL27, they were forced to submit to the will of an alien visitor, a creature with the power to alter reality. 

What The Visitor didn't realize was that breaking the current of breath from a butterfly's wings could have consequences beyond anything they could have imagined.

Copperheart: Shattered Echoes is an ongoing anthology series of tales across multiple slivers of reality. Explore the past, solve mysteries of the present, and charge blindly into both terrifying and glorious futures.

The first part of the series will run throughout 2024, on the last Sunday of each month, then pick up with a new wave of stories in early 2025.

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