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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Apr 28, 2019


This episode contains mature language; a weapon is drawn; and there are indications of, and references to, domestic abuse.

In this episode we return to GL51 shortly after Director Roda is released from Security Holding. A lot of strange things have been going on with the crashed Earth Return Vehicle, and the mysterious astronaut in Medical under Dr. Penbrook's care. Now it's time for Roda to meet “Archimedes,” the cryptic object that's been buried in AREA 51 for decades, and see if it has anything connection to the recent mysteries.

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Twitter: @CopperheartPod



RODA – Alicia Atkins –

ALBY – Jenn Avril – Twitter: @JennAvril

O'BANNON – Brian Penaloza –

JENKINS – by Chris Magilton - @ChrisMagilton –

OGILVY – Dylan Chambers –

KIPLING – Rupert Faullhurst –

THE VOICE – Colin Morris –

I.R.I.S. - Sarah Ruth Thomas –

COMMS OFFICER – Marina Sandoval –

(Please see our full cast at



Created, Written, Produced, Directed, Edited, Mixed, and Casting by – Michael J Rigg –

Original music, soundtrack, and episodic scoring by – Astral Fogg (hear more on iTunes)