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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Jun 16, 2019

CONTENT ADVISORY: This episode contains mature language, tense natural disaster situations, thunder and crashing.

You knew that sooner or later Jack would regret using the “mute code” on ARIS. Today's the day as a major radiation storm moves through.

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Twitter: @CopperheartPod



A.R.I.S. – by David Steele - @DavidOSteele –

HAYDEN – by Chris Magilton - @ChrisMagilton –

SELLERS – by Michael J Rigg - @MichaelRigg –



Created, Written, and Produced – Michael J Rigg –

Original music, soundtrack, and episodic scoring by – Astral Fogg (hear more on iTunes)