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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Sep 1, 2019


This episode contains mature language, choking/gagging, alcohol references, womanizing, fainting, and references to brain cancer.

The Visitor pays a visit to Horner's Corners bar, and meets IRIS 4.0 and Jake Shiller. Leuter and Pinarski discover something shocking about the alien robot that came from Archimedes.

Contact the Show:

Twitter: @CopperheartPod



PINARSKI – Aiya Islam – Twitter: @TellerFarsight

LEUTER – Haley C McCarthy –

DUNN – Graham Rowat –

RODA – Alicia Atkins –

JENKINS – by Chris Magilton - @ChrisMagilton –

O'BANNON – Brian Penaloza –

MERRICK – Martin Savill - @Obsolete_Mech

HORNER – James Duncan

VISITOR – Allison Brandt –

SHILLER – Kenneth Faircloth, Jr. – Twitter: @VoicedByKenneth

SHILLER – Evan Tess Murray - @evantessuraea

I.R.I.S.4.0 - Sarah Ruth Thomas –

DECOSTA – Marina Sandoval –

(Please see our full cast at



Created, Written, and Produced – Michael J Rigg

Original music, soundtrack, and episodic scoring by – Astral Fogg (hear more on iTunes)

Additional music by – Broken Machines