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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Jun 14, 2020


This episode contains mature language and situations. Listener discretion is advised.

In this first of a four-part series, we re-visit COPPERHEART from the very beginning, concentrating specifically on the story of the GL51 citizens.

COPPERHEART features the voice talents of:

Alicia Atkins as RODA

Graham Rowat as DUNN

Colin Morris as EDN6174

Jarred Worley as BAXTER

Sarah Ruth Thomas as IRIS

Aiya Islam as PINARSKI

Haley C. McCarthy as LEUTER

Jenn Avril as ALBY

Hedley Knights as PENBROOK

Rupert Faullhurst as KIPLING

Victoria Juan as SIMCOE

Dylan Chambers as OGILVY

Brian Penaloza as O'BANNON

W. Arthur Maurici as JIM

Allison Brandt as MORSE / THE VISITOR

Georgia P. McKenzie as SERN

S.H. Cooper as KARR

Kenneth Faircloth Jr. as SHILLER

Martin Savill as MERRICK

Evan Tess Murray as DEENA / JESSICA

James Duncan as HORNER

Ray Volk as HICKSON

Marina Sandoval as DeCOSTA

David Steele as ARIS

Chris Magilton as JENKINS, CAPCOM, and HAYDEN

Michael J Rigg as SELLERS

Erin King as KAMINSKI

Nichole Goodnight as HANOVER

Melanie Rigg as PACOMA

Emil Hägg as JOHANSON

Contact the Show:

Twitter: @CopperheartPod


Created, Written, and Produced – Michael J Rigg –
Copyright, 2020, Michael J Rigg

Original music, soundtrack, and episodic scoring by – Astral Fogg]. Additional music by Broken Machines.