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Welcome to COPPERHEART, a sci-fi thriller audio drama by Michael J Rigg of

Sep 8, 2019


This episode contains mature language and situations, including references to sex.

As Lieutenant Colonel Hayden receives a surprise visit from General Hanover, Jack Sellers and Heather Kaminski take advantage of an ARIS downtime to try to crack Hayden's computer lock.

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Twitter: @CopperheartPod


HAYDEN – by Chris Magilton - @ChrisMagilton –

PACOMA – by Melanie Rigg – Wife of @MichaelRigg

HANOVER – by Nichole Goodnight - @NRGoodnight –

KAMINSKI – by Erin King - @UnabashedlyErin and @erinkingbooks

SELLERS – by Michael J Rigg - @MichaelRigg –


Created, Written, and Produced – Michael J Rigg –

Original music, soundtrack, and episodic scoring by – Astral Fogg (hear more on iTunes)

(Copyright 2019, Michael J Rigg, All rights reserved.